CES 2017 Recap: Bluetooth Portable Accessories

Unfortunately Cutegeek.com went down due to a hacker therefore here is one of the only of deleted articles said hacker removed.


FUSE, the world's first modular wireless earbuds, was namedCES 2017 Honoree of Innovation Awards in both Wearable technologies and Headphones categories. FUSE is designed to be carried, charged, and connected in different wearable forms. FUSE consists of two cordless earbuds that fuse together via a connector to create a pill shaped module. The standalone pill shaped earbud module can then be placed in a multitude of accessories that fit users lifestyle.


I had the chance to stop by their booth to checkout the FUSE earbuds myself. They are indeed very small and light weight. For more information about FUSE click here.




Pinn clipwhichcombines the key features of your mobile phone and earbuds into a single, go-anywhere clip.The Bluetooth-enabledPinnclips anywhere and has an easy-to-read LED displayplus it hasacombined microphone/ear bud attached. I stopped byPinn's booth during Pepcom and the staff running the booth gave me even more information about what all this product can do.


The Pinnis not available yet to purchase but should be soon after CES 2017. For more information or for when it is available to purchaseclickhere.


SHURE's New Lighting Cable

I have always been a huge fan of SHURE ever since they sent me my first pair of headphones to review for Cutegeek ages ago. Nine years later I am still a huge fan of SHUREso I HAD to stop by their booth to see what's the latest with SHURE. Everyone who has an iPhone right now knows the 3.5mm jack will no longer be on future iPhone going forward. This has lead consumers to either hold on to their old iPhone, Upgrade and become wireless or use a dongle lighting adapter so you can still use your 3.5mm jack accessories. At CES Matt from SHURE showed me their new Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable which was created less because we will no longer have a 3.5mm but also it gave them the opportunity to improve audio as well.


The Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable isn't available till Spring 2017 but if your looking for a quality lighting adapter look no further and go with SHURE's new lighting cable. It will be available in Spring 2017 for roughly $100.00 and can be purchased on SHURE's site.