Pico- The World’s First Automated Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

picoSmart appliance demonstrations are one of my favorites to check out at any trade conference or event. I still laugh at when I was at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013 and did the Dacor demo of the Discovery Smart Oven. Throughout the entire Napa Valley Film Festival I kept getting texts saying my turkey was ready. Hilarious way for me to find out the product works. This smart appliance I am all about, in fact if you can't find me during CES I will probably will be at PicoBrew's booth at the Sands Expo booth #42157 on Level 2 checking out the Pico.

Why Nina? What is so cool about PicoBrew? What is Pico?pico2

All day at CES, PicoBrew will be demonstrating Pico, the world’s first automated craft beer brewing appliance and offering a daily menu of homemade IPA's, ales, stouts and porters. You’ll also be the first to see their latest offering, Freestyle Crafter service. Craft beer lovers will be able to go online and customize the ingredients to make their own original craft beer to their liking.  PicoBrew then ships the Freestyle recipes, called PicoPaks, to these exact specifications.


The marketing and PR people that are throwing this together are genius in my books. How many times at CES do we need a break from the chaos and chill. It's rare and especially if you are press like I am. Thanks to the kind people at PicoBrew you can enjoy a cold sample of fresh, quality craft beer, without having to leave the show floor. Genius I say, CES product strategy at its' finest.

In addition to the samples, you will learn about:

  • how they have created a new appliance category
  • distribution disruption, and how they changing the way people think about beer production, distribution and consumption. Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world (more than coffee) yet until now, no one has thought about a craft beer brewing appliance
  • how PicoBrew is helping small businesses.  PicoBrew gives their small brewery partners a chance to easily share their great beers worldwide without having to develop new production capabilities, change their recipes, or sell-out to get distribution.

While visiting the booth I also plan to ask the people at PicoBrew about the Steak and Pico's Kegs Sous Vide Adapter since that seems like a perfect match and I would totally use it if I had a Pico. I also know of a few friends and fans that would also dig something like this in their home.pico-steak

For those who have not heard of PicoBrew here's a little bit of information that even I didn't know:

PicoBrew has 150 craft brewery partners worldwide, including renown breweries Rogue Ales and 21st Amendment – a true testament to the quality of the product. Their online marketplace offers 60 craft beer recipes to bring the taste of U.S. and worldwide, award-winning craft beers into homes everywhere.

Other interesting stats:

  • Pico brews 5 liters of fresh, craft beer in as little as one week.
  • Pico enables craft beer lovers to easily enjoy the freshness of homemade beers brewed in as few as seven days.
  • 4,500 craft breweries in the U.S. but only a tiny fraction of them ship their beers outside of their home markets
  • Winner of two CES Innovation Awards
    • CES 2017: Honoree, Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies
    • CES 2016: Honoree, Home Appliance
  • Their initial Kickstarter campaign yielded over $1.4 million in financial backing.

If you are at CES 2017 and love a good craft beer definitely stop by the PicoBrew booth and kick back with a brew during a demo of the Pico. I'm definitely visiting this booth and maybe multiple times using #CESPicoBrew on my twitter posts.

See all you CES 2017 goers at the PicoBrew booth for nice craft brew sample or two. All we need to invent now is a smart cup and app that informs hosts or bartenders your glass is empty.

Source: PicoBrew