More Robots Making a Cameo at CES 2017

ces-logo-2016I'm seriously starting to think that robots really are taking over the planet! For the past couple months I've been posting articles on robots that will be launching or that have demos during CES and the list continues to expand. I've already introducted you all to Tipron, the Hease and the Robot helper at SJC but I'm learning lately that there are many more robots that will be at CES 2017. Below are a few robots I just learned about that will be at CES. I have a feeling this list will continue to grow as CES 2017 gets closer so check back on Cutegeek or Hi-Tech Chic every now and then before CES for updates.

Olly - The First Robot with Personalityolly

Olly is a brain-inspired AI engine and uses deep learning to provide accurate speech and emotion interaction. Moreover Olly is the first smart lifestyle assistant that actually develops a personality based on its owner’s moods and preferences, making daily communications with Olly unique and enjoyable. I am very interested to see how much personality a robot can have when I am at CES, should be a cool demo!

MekaMon Fighting Robots

The MekaMon fighting robots offer head-to-head, Big Hero 6-style bot fighting for two players and augmented reality, single-player gaming all controlled via smartphone. While at CES I'm going to try my hand at mixed-reality robot combats happening at the MekaMon booth. This should be loads of fun, I've never tested a fight robot before!

Hi) - The Connected Doorbell and Butler Robotbutler-robot

Designed after the robot "Eve" from Wall-E the French startup, Fenotek, is introducing Hi), a wireless and GSM-enabled video doorbell that not only looks like her but is also as smart as her. Hi) combines all of the best capabilities and functions needed in a complete video doorbell to protect and connect the entire family via an app on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Hi) is enabled with both Wi-Fi and LTE functions, and capable of family recognition, while a real-time app notification allows you to confirm your identity. It also has 24/7 video monitoring, cloud data saving, and in-app door control, notifications and alarm triggers. I will be visiting their booth while at CES so I can do the demo and give you all the 411 on Hi).

robotTUNER- The Autonomous Driving Robotrobottuner

robotTUNER is a startup out of Wageningen University that is accelerating the use of autonomous driving robots in public space. robotTUNER is owner of WEpod brand, the first autonomous vehicle with a license plate, allowed to drive on a public. I did not even know that existed or that it was allowed on the road yet. I'm not sure if they will have demo's of the robotTUNER but the staff will be there at CES with all your questions regarding the robotTUNER.



Leka is a new robotic companion designed specifically for children with special needs, to sparkle their motivation and help them learn, play & progress. Based on papers published in peer reviewed sources, Leka has been developed hand-in-hand with parents, therapists and caregivers, to aid in a variety of settings. This is one demo that is high on my CES booths list and will be checking it out the Leka at the MicroEJ’s CES booth while there.

I believe there will be many more robot announcements for CES 2017, it truly is looking like we will living in a robot world sooner that later.  Continue to check back at Cutegeek and Hi-Tech Chic for my CES robot updates till opening day!