Announced Today: Cerevo's "RIDE-1" Now Available Globally

ride-1It looks like I will be spending a tad more time with the cool people at Cerevo at CES 2017. Earlier this month I posted an article on Cerevo's “Tipron” The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot and now they have another smart product to check out while at CES 2017. Cerevo announced today the global availability of “RIDE-1” will now be available for pre-order. Customers can pre-order the "RIDE-1" at the Official Cerevo Store as well as for US$299.00 and the "RIDE-1" is scheduled to ship in January 2017.

What is RIDE-1?

RIDE-1 is a clip on cycle device with various sensor modules and is one of the XON series of smart sports products. RIDE-1 allows existing bike owners to use the advanced sensors.

RIDE-1's built in communication features include ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, in addition to various sensors such as GPS. Unlike traditional cycle computers that only record running data attached to a bicycle, the characteristics of RIDE-1 allow riding data to be shared and analyzed by linking with smartphones and the cloud.

I'm not big on bike riding considering I forgot how. The old myth of it's just like riding a bike is a lie but I'm still intrigued and will be checking out the RIDE-1 while at CES 2017. If I do the demo on a bike while at CES 2017 I suggest everyone to stand back because there will indeed be a collision in my future. It could also be comedy hour like when I did the hilarious demo of Mobitee VR Golf App the at CES 2016.


RIDE-1 will be exhibited at CES 2017 from 5th January to the 8th of January in Las Vegas, USA. The booth is at the Sands Expo in the Health & Wellness Marketplace section in Halls A-D - 43412. I will be at the Cerevo booth sometime during CES 2017 and will post on Cutegeek's twitter when I am at their booth. If I do the RIDE-1 demo it will be hilarious and it will be posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

See all you CES Geeks at CES 2017!