"The Bands" Launch


Press Release by Fit.Life*:

Los Angeles – Fit.Life, a company dedicated to improving personal health via technology-based products and services, has announced the launch of its new stylish line of fitness trackers at CES 2017. “The Bands” are a series of fashionable fitness wrist bands that combine luxurious style with the world’s most accurate fitness data tracking. Compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices, The Bands use unique algorithms based on the analysis of proven technology, which allows the user to set personalized goals based on their own fitness and physique, while taking into account any chronic illness the user might have.

Available in three styles (Luxury Waprolux Leather, Leather, and Silicon) as well as numerous color choices, “The Bands” combine fitness and fashion into a single, unique design. The Bands will be on display at the Fit.Life Booth #43902 Sands Expo.

“The Bands” are the perfect marriage of upscale sportwear, style, luxury, and technology,” said Tom LaVoie, VP of Sales for Fit.Life USA.  By combining unique esthetics with advanced technology, “The Bands” ushers in a new era of personal expression while also bringing fitness tracking to the next level.”

The Bands” provide 20 types of exercise guidelines that inform the user of calorie, fat, and carb consumption. While similar fitness trackers require the user to set their goals regardless of any health conditions or fitness level, “The Bands” allow the user to set goals based on their own unique fitness needs including physique, weight, and health history. It also provides an exercise management platform that allows the user to easily add new exercise programs to their routine.**

 Product Features:

•          Sleek Bracelet Design

•          Three Elegant Styles for Personal Expression

•          Available in Luxury Waprolux Leather, Leather, and Silicon

•          Multiple Color Choices

•          Compatible with Android and IOS

•          Clinically Proven Fitness Tracking Algorithms

•          Personal Exercise Programming Feature

•          Calorie, Fat, Carb Consumption Tracking

•          The Most Accurate Fitness Tracker Available

•          SRP: Luxury Waprolux $149.99; Leather $119.99; Silicon $99.99



*Original article dated 12/2/2016 has been edited per Fit.Life staff from Free Fit.Life Fitness Tracker for CES Media and "The Bands" Launch to just "The Bands" Launch.

**Complete press release solely provided by Fit.Life staff only and does not represent Nina's views or opinions on said launch.