New Robot Helpers at the Mineta San Jose International Airport

sjc-robots rosie-the-robotAnnounced just in time for the Holidays is the New Robot Helpers that will be at Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). Meet Norma, Amelia, and Piper SJCRobots, the airport’s new customer service agents. Right off the bat, don't they remind you of Rosie the maid robot in the Jetsons?

Norma, Amelia, and Piper are the first robots to be deployed at a U.S. airport, and are engaging and entertaining travelers while assisting them with locating dining, shopping, and other services. I know airport-robotwe are excelling fast in new technology globally but I'm not sure how people will react to the robots.  I would love to watch people that are approached by the robot and see their reaction.

The SJC Robot's offers information on in-terminal dining, shopping, and other airport services on a 32-inch touch screen tablet operating on Microsoft Windows software.

The SJC Robots can speak English,  Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. They also can dance, play music and take photos of you then email them directly to you. It's like free entertainment at the airport!

For more information about the SJC Robots click here and check out the below YouTube of one of the robot's interviewing for the SJC job. Pretty Funny! Enjoy!