DabKick App and Statistics of What May Happen During Election Night

https://vimeo.com/160002018 DabKick is a new app. that lets you enjoy free online videos and music, photos, and web pix together with your friends – all while chatting and interacting live! This app is perfect for the Election today or any other major events you want to share with family and friends live.

DabKick also has new data about what will happen during Election Night where thousands of people are going to instantaneously share video… on why they’re moving to Canada. This statistic comes solely from DabKick, which fielded the survey amongst 63,586 – a subset of their overall user base  –  on November 2, 2016.

Here’s what they discovered when asked what video, if any, they would share instantaneously on Election Night:

  • 67% - Moving to Canada
  • 21% - To celebrate with my fellow Democrats when Clinton wins
  • 12% - To gloat to my Democratic friends when Trump wins

If you're thinking WOW 67%? At least Canada is big enough to fit 2/3 of our nations population. These are just statics at this point; I seriously doubt we would all pick up and move to Canada over this election. Tad overdramatic if you ask me but the data doesn't lie. They also had some interesting findings from the data gathered. Democrats wanted to celebrate a win with their fellow Democrats, while Republicans wants to gloat about Trump’s victory to the Democrats they know.  No Democrats said they wanted to gloat and no Republicans said they simply wanted to celebrate. Telling isn't it?

Have a great election night chatting with your friends and family live using DabKick!


*Findings provided by DabKick