List of Random and Funny Technology Products People Want Me to Review

HTC Last CollageMy life as a technology writer is always interesting and after coving the Obama Keynote at SXSW 2016 my inbox is exploding. Since I started over 7 years ago I have had some wacky products sent to me to review or a product that just doesn't make sense. Either way its been hilarious, it's like getting a tacky white elephant gift in the mail. A friend of mine said I should start posting or make a list of all the funny or odd stuff I received for Hi-Tech Chic or Cutegeek and I did just that! Below is a picture and brief over view of random and funny products I have been asked to review over the last couple months! Get ready to laugh and enjoy!

Go Go Gadget Pet - easyFeedpetfeed

The easyFeed is an automatic pet feeder that you can set up to feed your pet on a timer, or in a pinch on days when you are running late. I have to wonder how loud is the machine when it dispenses food? Chloe the Wonder Dog is scared of the Roomba so if It's loud I doubt she eat anything from the easyFeed. easyFeed has a built-in video feature and you can chat live with your pet. After I read I cracked up, can you imagine you are at work on the dude in the cube near you is live chatting with their dog. Hilarious and in fact I may pay to see something that ridiculous. They are currently doing a kickstarter campaign for easyFeed and if you like more information or contribute to the campaign click here.

Blink Lite- The Worlds Lightest Electric Skateboard ($399.00)blink-m

At just 7.7 lbs, Blink Lite is the lightest electric skateboard currently available on the market. Blink Lite also has an app called Acton that lets you pair up via Bluetooth, Snap your adventures, record your routes, and log your miles (or kilometers). This is just random considering everyone knows I'm a HUGE klutz so me on a skateboard jeopardizes humankind.

Eve Motion ($49.95)eve_room_lifestyle_011

Eve Motion is the first wireless motion sensor with HomeKit technology. Ready to be placed anywhere inside or outside your home, Eve Motion enables users to create individual HomeKit automations. By detecting the user’s presence or absence, it will enable or disable power outlets, HVAC systems, lights or any combination thereof. I have a dog so does Eve Motion go off every time Chloe the Wonder Dog walks around? It's a random question but I'm sure other people have thought the same thing.

I am not one of those people that likes the funny or cute pictures or t-shirts about dogs or cats. I have friends that are but for some reason I am not till recently. I got this email asking me to review these t-shirts and Tank tops with puppies doing Yoga or funny sayins about puppies like "Puppies Wine and I'm Fine." I died laughing when I saw the puppy doing yoga, sign of times? Maybe. There are a ton of funny shirts about puppies on Puppies Make Me Happy's site because after all who doesn't like puppies?


When I get the press release about "HEADPHONE HAIR" I was utterly confused. I pictured them to look like Princess Leia's buns on the earphones but that is far from what the press release was about. Beats by Dr. Dre has partnered with celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri to create a series of “Headphone Hair” looks – hairstyles that tap into the multi-functional nature of your earphones just in time for the holiday travel season. Basically it teaches you how to incorporate your headphones with different styles that are easy to do especially when you are on the go. Princess Leia buns would have been cooler in my opinion.

LaserBand 82  ($795.00)hairmax

I got asked to include this in my Father's Day gift guide this year. I don't know about your dads but my dad would NOT like this as a Father's Day gift. It's a cool product though. The LaserBand 82 is a hands-free laser medical device delivers laser light to energize and revitalize your hair follicles and regrow your hair. I don't suggest this as a gift but if you do gift someone with it record it and send me the video of their reaction. I bet it would be priceless!

Schmidt's Deodorant ($8.99)schmidts

When I first got Schmidt's deorderant to review I honestly thought the PR team that sent them thinks I smell. That is far from the truth, they don't think I smell, LOL. For a while I didn't know store bought deorderants have aluminum and how danger it is to consumer. Schmidt's deorderant is going to be the wave of the future with less chemicals and no aluminum. Schmidt's deorderant is natural, effective odor & wetness protection, certified vegan and cruelty-free.

I hope this made you laugh or think "What the...really?" Though I find all these products entertaining they are all real products and some may be useful for you as well.