New Indiegogo Campaign: Axum Gear - True Wireless Earbuds for Extreme Athletes

AXToday Axum Gear launched their Indiegogo the world’s first wireless Bluetooth earbuds with M-voiD Technology using M-voiD Technology (Multidisciplinary Virtually Optimized Industrial Design Technology). I personally have been waiting for a while to have waterproof high quality wireless earbuds though I fear I may loose them. The most important thing I have learned about audio in the 7 years of  writing for technology is not all products who say they are waterproof really aren't. Trust me, I go through earbuds monthly for that reason or I accidently break them. I would love to review the Axum Gear earbuds and put them through my waterproof test. Along with being waterproof the Axum Gear can also endure extreme sport conditions and come in three different sizes to make the perfect fit while doing any sports activity. AX 2

Amazingly Axum Gear has surpassed their original goal of $15,000 on Indiegogo in the first couple hours of launching their Indiegogo campaign today. Their current grand total for funding this project is at $24,928 which is %166 of their initial goal and they still have a month to go! Below are the current packages to help back the Axum Gear campaign and they official press release from today. Also, for more information about the Axum Gear Indiegogo campaign click here.


Official Press Release

August 16, 2016—Axum Gear announces the release of the world’s first-ever wireless Bluetooth earbuds to use M-voiD sound technology on Indiegogo. Up until this point, M-voiD technology has been almost exclusively used by luxury automobile manufacturers to create top-notch, surround-sound audio experiences for drivers. Now, Axum is doing the same thing, but for a different group of music enthusiasts—fitness buffs and extreme athletes.

Speaking of how his innovative, wireless earbuds came to be, Founder of Axum Gear Igal Golovan says, “I’ve always been an active guy with two passions—extreme sports and music. So, when I first heard about Bluetooth headphones, I figured there would be no better way to bring together the things I love to do. The next day, I bought a generic pair—they were awful.”

The answer to Golovan’s audio problem was to spend the next two years developing his own earbuds for athletes just like himself. Partnering with the German sound design experts at Konzept-X, he found that M-voiD’s realistic and predictive audio simulations created wired-sound quality with a freedom-filled, state-of-the-art wireless experience.

In addition to using M-voiD technology and a design structure featuring an adjustable hook that promises a secure fit for the athlete using them, Axum Gear’s earbuds come fully equipped with a number of other appealing features:

• Waterproof nano-coating to guarantee product longevity

• The latest APTx Bluetooth functionality

• Adjustable hooks to ensure universal fit

• Magnetic charging capabilities

ABOUT AXUM GEAR: Axum Gear is a sports technology and lifestyle brand. To learn more about Axum Gear and the company’s new-age wireless Bluetooth earbuds for fitness fanatics and extreme athletes, check out the company’s website: