Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack

UltimakerWhen I got this email with this image I honestly thought it was a joke (people do pranks to me all the time). It's not, in fact it is the real deal. Ultimaker announced its new Ultimaker 2 Go backpack to allow users to travel with their Ultimaker 2 Go 3D printer. The Ultimaker 2 Go backpack now has more sturdy straps added to the original packaging case of the Ultimaker 2 Go.

3d Carry

If I see someone walking down the street with the Ultimaker 2 Go backpack because it just looks plain funny! I could see how the Ultimaker 2 Go backpack is useful for users that go to allot of tech conventions since I see several 3D on the convention floor lately. The only concern I have is someone jumping me for the 3D printer in my huge awkward backpack. It's not every day you see someone walking around with a 3D printer in tow on their back (but if you do kudos).

The Ultimaker 2 Go backpack will be included as an add-on with every Ultimaker 2 Go purchase of $ 1199.00.

Below are the features of the Ultimaker 2 Go backpack:

·         The Ultimaker 2 Go is safe and secure on the move.

·         The new backpack offers extra space to store tools and supplies.

·         Sturdy packaging provides additional support for plane, foot or bike travel.

If you want more information or want to purchase the Ultimaker 2 Go click here. Below is a video of using the Ultimaker 2 Go backpack on the streets of New York. Happy printing and happy hump day to you all!