Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Coming This November

NES Classic Edition My first gaming console was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the 80's. My younger brother and I would have epic arguments about Mario Bros., Duck Hunt (you aren't winning Duck Hunt if you have the gun directly on the TV), Zelda, Knight Rider and Paper Boy. I was even so bold to press the reset button right when my brother was about to save the princess (not my finest moment).

Though we argued and fought we also bonded playing NES games even with the 6 year age gap. One of the main bonding moments is when we figured out the code to have continuous 1 Ups on Mario Bros. Another bonding moment is when the cartridge would not work and we were at drastic measures to get it working. Our MacGyver tactics of repositioning the cartridge using some folded up paper or blowing on the overheated cartridge are some of the best memories I had.

Nintendo 1

Excitingly in November you get to relive your NES experience as Nintendo will be releasing a smaller version of the classic NES console called the Nintendo Classic Mini. The design is a replica of the original NES but the size to fit in the palm of your hand. It will come pre-loaded with 30 of the classic NES games but will not have cartridges. The Nintendo Classis Mini can connect to a TV via HDMI and comes with the classic NES pad that can also be used on a Wii or Wii U. Gamers can also use a NES Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro for two-player action.

The console arrives on the 11th November and is currently priced at $59.99 when released. If you would like more information on the Nintendo Classic Mini click here. Below please find the 30 pre-loaded game titles and video of the new Nintendo Classic Mini.

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