Introducing the Groove Ring

Groove ringIn a world absorbed with technology one has to wonder why we didn't think about creating an active ring till now? Groove Life created the first ring designed for the athlete, the professional, the adventurer, and the trend setter. I haven't had a Groove Ring sent to me to review so I can't vouch and say this product is awesome first hand however I think the concept is brilliant. Per the Groove Life the Groove Ring is a revolutionary new accessory for the active trend setter who wants to do it all without worrying about losing a finger in sticky situations. I know a few guys that lost their wedding rings in Lake Travis (I even had to call one of the dude's wife to break the news) and this is ideal for the lake or beach. Maybe Groove Life next project should be wedding rings, that would decrease the amount of arguments in a marriage due to loosing a ring.

The Groove Ring comes in 2 sizes currently and several different vibrant colors. Below are the specs per the Groove Ring site. The Groove Ring retails for $29.95 and to view their entire collection click here.

  • Breathability: Groove Ring's patent pending breathable features make it the first active silicone ring that keeps air moving in and allows moisture out. The infinity loops, air-ports, and inner arch lessen the contact of your finger with the ring, allowing it to "breath".
  • Lifetime Warranty: If Groove Ring breaks, stretches, tears or if you lose it, we have you covered.
  • Low Profile: Groove Ring is super low profile and designed to be worn close to the skin since it "breathes". Having your active ring snug on your finger is essential to prevent your finger from snagging on objects your hand comes in contact with.
  • Liquid Poured: Groove Ring is also the first type of ring to be liquid injected. This process gives Groove its perfect look with limited mold lines, checks, or flaws!

If you are looking for some funny Friday entertainment and also learn about the Groove Ring check out the video below! FGIF!