E3 2016- My Recap

E3 E3 this year was a blast and probably the largest one I have attended with 70,000 attendees. I decided that I would be Where’s Waldo costume so people can find me as press. I had over 50 people say “I FOUND YOU!”IMG_6551

When I started making my way to the South Hall there was an actual Jazz Band walking back and forth from the two halls with a crew of people following them with umbrellas; it was an interesting site to see at E3.


My first stop at E3 was the Samsung booth because I wanted to see Lil Wayne and check out his new game, Sqvad up. Unfortunately he rescheduled it to the following day.

Samsung 1

Samsung this year had many different sections in the booth but the one that stands out is Gear VR and VR Rollercoaster powered by Oculus. I wasn’t able to ride the rollercoaster because the line was very long. I did get to try out the Gear VR powered by Oculus and game with it. I learned how to game using the Oculus and also how to game with 360° capabilities. It was pretty cool!


As I continue on to another booth there was this band playing called Super Soul Bros (get it). Their stage had different decorations from Super Mario Bros and they played some of the songs from different games. They also had an amazing 3 piece horns section and most their songs where instrumental.

E3 3

As I was walking towards the back of the hall from afar I saw huge domes. Curious I had to stop by to see what they were and as I get closer I see the 360 degree Pro Domes. While at E3 SAMSKARA featured a collection of Android’s best-loved animated images in a 3D narrative, projected in a 360 degree dome. There are different sized domes and the largest will fit around 25 people. Walking into each doom was a cool experience but I had one question; who in the world can fit the large dome in their living room?


While at E3 Lego Dimensions announced the A-Team, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters and Harry Potter franchises that will arrive as physical Lego figures. I had the unique opportunity to be at the announcement and watch gamers compete against each other in the Lego booth. The big topic at E3 I think this year (besides VR) was Star Wars. I played the Star Wars game in the booth and it was pretty cool. I love the beginning story. Lastly I was leaving the booth when I saw a city entirely made of about 50,000 Legos.



My favorite games E3 was the PS4 Gran Turismo booth. They had these space ship or bumper car (maybe both) where you can test out the game and compete with others in the booth playing.  It was so much fun; I admit I crashed a bunch so much so people started laughing at me or maybe it was the Waldo costume or maybe it was just seeing Waldo behind the steering wheel.


Lil Wayne at the Samsung stage was my last booth I visited before I flew back home. This show was EPIC! They set up a mini half pike with skateboarder doing tricks throughout the show. Lil Wayne of course was amazing and I got pretty darn close to the stage.


He played for a good hour and the crowd was manageable, not nearly as crowded as I thought. He also announced his new game “Sqvad Up.” This was the best rap show I experienced, maybe because there not that many people and it was intimate with a limited amount of people allowed in.


I also visited the Ubisoft, Mafia III, T-Mobile, Xbox, Nintendo and WB booths but I didn’t have the time to fully check out any games. Some major announcements during E3 were Xbox One S, Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, New Star Wars game for PlayStation VR, and many more these are just ones I attended.

All in all it was an effective and fun E3 just like years in the past; see all you guys next year.