CES 2017 Call for Speaker Themes Announced‏

CES Logo 2016 Every year I attend CES (Consumer Electronic Show) I say "Never Again" since it's constantly busy and as press we are pulled all over the place. However, the parts that I do enjoy (besides all the fun new technology) are panels on hot topics for the TECH future.

For those interested in being a speaker on one of the panels themes below is information to apply.

Good Luck Everyone! I will see you at CES2017 or E3 2016

The CES® 2017 Conference Program covers the hottest themes in technology, featuring the latest trends and disruptive innovation across all facets of the industry.  We are seeking compelling speaker applications from industry experts whose knowledge and vision will inspire and educate conference attendees on the following themes:

-Artificial Intelligence (AI) -Apps -Brand/Agency -Business to Business (B2B) -Content -Drones -Education -Finance and Investment -Fitness

-Gaming -Health -Internet of Things (IoT) -Mobile and Mobile Payment -Retail -Robotics -Security: Privacy, Cyber Security, Encryption -Smart Cities/Real Estate

-Smart Home -Sports -Startups -Sustainability -Tech Changing the World -TV -Vehicle Technology -Virtual/Augmented Reality -Wearables

The CES Call for Speakers form will be available from June 1 through June 22. A list of speaking experience and video links featuring the proposed speaker is highly encouraged to help submissions stand out. Each speaker may apply for up to three themes, and-if selected-will be slated on the theme which best showcases the speaker's knowledge. We will review submissions and place selected speakers on panels of up to four participants.

We invite you to submit speaker applications that would add diverse and inspiring perspectives to a panel. We encourage you to visit CES.tech to view required information to prepare you for the June 1 launch. Please contact the CES Conferences team with any questions.