Kickstarter Campaign: The Ultimate Everyday Carry Jacket

Ultimate As a fashionista geek I’m always coming up with clever ways to carry all of my devices into my purse and jacket but it’s never pretty or stylish. As a kid I always wanted Marty McFly’s jacket from Back to the Future 2, who doesn’t want a self-drying jacket?

Today I got an email about a new jacket that is on a Kickstarter campaign that may be the closest thing to Marty McFly’s Jacket. When I checked out the pictures I was like lil Wayne in the Samsung commercial…“WWWHHHHHHAAAATTTTTT?!”

Without Further Ado…

Introducing the Ultimate Everyday Carry Jacket named “The Joey!”Joey Jacket

If your mind isn’t blown yet the Joey also comes in two different fabrics, the Sturdy Waterproof Jacket or the Sweatshirt that both have similar features.Jacket 2

The first option is the Sturdy Waterproof Jacket which is a poly blend that is soft, sheds water, and also breathes. The material for the Sturdy Waterproof Jacket has been tested under two hours of water without leaking.

SweatshirtThe second option is for those that need to also stay warm and is called the Sweatshirt. The Sweatshirt has a cotton poly blend that is soft and keeps you warm. It also has polyester lined pockets to make them water resistant.


Though they have reached their goal of $30,000 they still have 16 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign. Below is their pledge rewards for the Joey campaign and to find out more information of this innovative jacket click here.

Joey Kickstarter