Cutegeek's 7th anniversary and Nina's still here!

HTC Last Collage It seems like yesterday when I met Radiris and Michael who were already bloggers for Hardware geeks at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in 2009. After meeting them I was asked to start writing for their new site called "cutegeek."

I had worked for Dell a while but what do I know about writing reviews? What would make readers come back? Then it dawned on me. I can pretty much break any electronic; I honestly don't know what happens. Everyone claims I have the anti-Midas touch and it's been said that if I product lasts in my hands it's "Nina Certified" on Cutegeek.

After I agreed and did all the paper work when Cutegeek went live I posted immediately. This embarrassingly is my very first post on March 1, 2009: (The video is even worse!).

Since starting with Cutegeek I have had the unique experience in attending CES, SXSW, E3, Napa Valley Film Festival, the launch of the Plasticki in Sausalito, Ford's Go Further annual event, Mac World and many more as press. I've met intelligent people, met new friends who will always be in life and travel more than I would in any other occupation.

Thanks to all the Cutegeek fans; you guy rock for being loyal fans for the last 7 years.

Thank you to Radiris and Michael for the last 7 years of Cutegeek and cheers to many more! As I always say I will continue to work for Cutegeek as long as I'm still cute.