Celebrate Women's History Month with Fiverr

womens-history-monthHAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! Doesn't it seem like every day or month, now honors a different group of people or cause - check google.com to see their latest creative expression of these things. I'm not mad about it - I love 'celebrate your favorite ice cream day' or 'free pancake day' but March is a little more important than that. March is the month to celebrate Women's History Month. Valentine's Day existing - makes every other day feasible so join me in celebrating the accomplishments of many extraordinary, yet often forgotten, women.

Women's History Month runs from March 1st to March 31st and thankfully, I am not the only one that believes they are worth honoring, Fiverr also agrees women are worth showcasing and they're planning on doing so March 3rd in New York City. For the first time ever (please correct me if I'm wrong), Fiverr is hosting an evening of celebration - a celebration for women in NYC - women that are artists and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in attending, check out their eventbrite . Please use 'CUTEGEEK' as the promo code to attend at a 50% discount. #winning

Women are a 'cause' worth acknowledging and praising - a very worthy cause and Fiverr recognizes this and is hosting an incredible event to honor them. We (women) are expected to do so much, in addition to keeping mankind 'alive',so lets just kick back and enjoy being women. We're expected to be pretty, kind, compassionate, intelligent, badasses...all the while earning a fraction of what their male counterparts earn - okay...I'll end my rant there. Let's pick the many hats we're supposed to wear, and wear them proudly. On March 3rd, I'll be wearing my MBA grad, Latina from NYC, 1st generation, coolest aunt, most energetic friend, and super geeky hat.

I can't wait to meet ya'll - please join me in supporting Fiverr and the many women worth honoring in our lives. I'll be wearing red lipstick <3

***Fiverr is a service that allows people to get things done - with the help of a community of doers. Need a video edited in HD? Find it on Fiverr. Want a cool logo? Find it on Fiverr. Want a portrait of you as a cartoon? Find it on Fiverr. If you'd like to sign up to use Fiverr's services (please do) and use 'CUTEGEEK' as a promo code. It'll give you 20% off your order. I'll be posting about my experience using Fiverr soon, so look out for that posting.