Indiegogo Campaign: ZUS - The Truly Smart Car Charger & Car Locator

Copy of pic_01This has happened to me allot. Short story one day I parked my car in a parking garage in San Francisco that was rather large and every floor looked the same.

I couldn’t find my car, a sudden panic came over me. I did what normal people do started pressing the lock button on my keys (and some people laughed at me wondering why I’m walking round a garage aimlessly). There was no “beep” beep” which meant my car was out of range.Product technical specs

Finally 5 floors later I started pressing the “panic” button on my keys and found it but man what a huge stress that could have been avoided. After that I started taking pictures of where I park with my phone but I always thought there has to be a better way to find my car.

Intruducing Nonda’s “Zus” world’s smartest car charger and locator. At first glance I thought it was a tad bulky however the USB ports and the locator is exactly what I need recently. Zus offers maximum AMP output for your device and pairs with your GPS to remember your location as soon as your car engine is turned off. It works on both iOS and Andrioid and the interface looks like it’s easy to just plug and play.

ZusCurrently this is still in the crowd funding campaign mode at Idiegogo and has 912% of the campaign funded with 16 days to go. However, I am told that from their staff that they are still half way to the stretch goal which will allow Nonda to incorporate a parking time alert to Zus. The parking time alert would be awesome for anyone who lives in the city and meter parks. Towing is never any fun, I should know after living in San Francisco for 7 years.

If you’re interested in helping fund Zus or would like to pre-order click here to see the different package options for Zus they have on the Indiegogo.

Good luck to Nonda on their campaign and hopefully they will send me a sample to do a full product review.