New Kickstarter Campaign: House of Rabbit's "Songs of Charivari" Debut Album

10359386_817847624936434_278959018015163834_nI have been a fan of Kickstarter for a while though sometimes I cheat on it with Indiegogo. For those who live under a rock Kickstarter, launched in April 2009, is a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. Campaigns are launched by a company, group, or organization by establishing a project, a deadline and a minimum funding goal. If the goal is not met by the deadline no funds are collected, I believe this is why people work so hard to get funding. To date Kickstarter has funded over 257,000 creative projects and growing daily. The projects for the most part are films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology and food-related projects. 1536435_10153004365458121_932228124002743860_nEveryone who reads my posts on Cutegeek, Hi-tech chic, and the Examiner know I have regularly posted articles on a new Kickstarter campaign throughout the years. Well kids I have found a new Kickstarter campaign to inform you all of that launched yesterday. The campaign is for the band House of Rabbits and they are needing to raise money for their debut studio record called "Songs of Charivari." The record is will consist of 10 songs from their Charivari in Voyeurville: A Vaudeville Rock Musical Masquerade performance.

AcrobatsI actually went to the Charivari in Voyeurville: A Vaudeville Rock Musical Masquerade rock opera back in June during the Hollywood Fringe Festival. My cousin, Eloy, plays bass for this band and I just happened to be in LA at the perfect time to catch his show. Before the show my cousin kept using terminology like “it’s different” or “it’s unique” to get me prepared for the show. In my head I started thinking “Oh shit what the hell kind of show is this?”

IMG_2091My cousin was right it was unique but so incredibly entertaining and the entire cast was so talented. I didn’t leave my spot once during the show for fear I will miss something good. The band for the rock opera consists of very talented musicians and had a powerful presence throughout the show. The Besides seeing my cousin play I was memorized by the acrobats and the dancing of the cast, it was not only beautiful but impressive.

Admittedly I was one of those annoying people that took pictures during the show and boy did I get some glares and the stink eye from one lady. If they have another show and you attend, word to the wise do not bust out your smart phone and take pictures or you may get mauled by the audience.

So everyone wish them all luck that they will meet the deadline and record their debut album. As of today they have 29 days to raise $5,000.00 on their Kickstarter campaign and so far they are at $157.00. To help them reach their goal or to pledge click here.