The Bud e-Fridge: Let the games begin!

BudlightIf you have ever had roommates this situation has happened to you once before… You get home after a long day of work and excited you have a nice cold beer in the refrigerator you saved for just that moment. As you open the fridge you notice it’s gone…your beer moment is shattered. As you’re cursing your roommates name you think why don’t they have tracking devices for situations like this?

Well the good people at Bud light feel your pain. Bud Light just introduced a smart fridge that tracks and provides real-time information using your home Wi-Fi and the BUD-e App. Using a Wi-Fi light sensor the “Bud-E Fridge” will track the number of Bud Light cans or bottles inside and has a countdown timer showing when the optimal temperature for drinking them is reached.

But the fun doesn’t stop there…

Budlight 2The beer supply data is shown on a display on the fridge door and also sent via the BUD-e App to notify sports fans when game time for their favorite team is approaching. The Bud-E Fridge also notifies the owner if their game day supply of Bud Light needs replenishing plus it tracks and updates the status of the 78-beer capacity device.

The owner can also program up to four teams using the BUD-e App to get a scheduled alert 4 hours before kickoff for each team selected.

And to resolve the “who took my last beer” scenario…

The BUD-e Alarm will let you know when someone has opened the door of your fridge and changed the stock count. After tapping the alarm on, the owner will be notified when someone has removed or added stock to your fridge.

It’s currently only available in California for $299.00 but to learn more about it click here and for your viewing pleasure here is the youtube commercial about the Bud E-Fridge. (Go Niners!)


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