Apple's announcements on the new iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPhone 6s

iPad ProYesterday Apple announced the new iPad Pro, Apple TV, Apple Watch OS2, and finally at the very end of this 2 and a half hour event the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. They first started with the iPad Pro with a larger screen at 12.9 inches diagonally, 5.6 million pixels, 2nd generation Touch ID, Oxide TFT, variable refresh rate, A9X chip 3rd generation, iMovie, 10 hours battery life, and for the first time a 4 speaker audio system. They also announced the soft touch smart keyboard that uses the smart connector to attach to your iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil with the tip of pencil to detect force, tilt, precision,  and can be used can use simultaneously with your finger. The iPad Pro also comes with new Adobe software called Adobe Comp where there is 1,000 fonts available, Adobe Photo Shop Fix that has facial detection and users will be able to change a picture/ selfie from frown to smile and Adobe Sketch that works works great with iPad pencil. Microsoft also announced their new software for the iPad Pro that lets you slide over to a second screen to access another app and the ability to have two Office apps at the same time side-by-side. Users can even edit a Word, Excel or a PowerPoint file attached to an email while it's open via split screen. The iPad Pro comes in silver, gold and space grey and starts at $799.00. The Apple Pencil is $99.00 and the Smart Keyboard $169.00 to be available by November.Apple Watch

Hermes watchNext the announced the Apple Watch OS2 with new features. Besides it having facebook capabilities now it also has Time Travel to view future calendar entries using the digital crown and the Microsoft Translator app that will be able to replay a pinned translation through the Apple Watch's speakers. They also announced different colors for the watch and also for the watch band. The new Apple watch will come in different colors; gold, rose gold, and iodized aluminum. They also announced the Project (RED) Apple Watch with a portion of the proceeds going to the Project (RED) Initiative. There will be a lot more color options and different styles for the band of the watch but coolest was the Hermès Apple watch with hand stich leather and available in October.  The Apple Watch OS 2 will be available by September 16th.

Apple TVThe Apple TV was also announced with new apps and HD video. The Apple TV comes with a new remote that has a touch box for navigating and also Siri which helps you search for movies, apps, and TV shows just by using your voice (like the iPhone). Siri can help repeat what you missed by asking “go back 7 minutes” in a movie or show. Siri replies on the bottom of the screen when asked questions to not interrupt what else you have up on your TV. A new Apple TV streaming video box was also introduced yesterday which will run a new operating system called TVOS with 3 connector ports; Power, HDMI, and Ethernet. It was also said yesterday that Apple believes apps are the future of the Apple TV and developers are working fast to create new apps for the TV daily. Some of the new apps currently available on the Apple TV are Crossy Roads, Guitar Hero, Harmonix beat sports games, MLB.TV, Gilt and much more. The Apple TV will start at $149 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model. If you do purchase the new Apple TV customers can still access everything from your previous Apple TV, so no lost data.

iphone 6sFinally after an hour and half they introduced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Though it looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6 they do have some new cool features. The iPhone 6S will have the same 4.7 inch display screen as the iPhone 6 and the 6S Plus will retain its 5.5 inch screen. They kept saying it had a bigger screen but it doesn’t look any different than the 6.  The 6S and 6S Plus are built with aluminum alloy and will be available in silver, gold, space grey, and rose gold. The iPhones 6S and 6s Plus will both have a new A9 chip built in and will be 70 % faster than the A8 at CPU tasks and 90%  faster with graphics. The new iPhone will have 12-megapixel rear iSight camera that capable of shooting videos in 4K and a 5 megapixel front-facing camera with Retina Flash. One of the coolest feature is the 3D touch that can distinguish between multiple levels of pressure and Live photo which turns any picture into an animated photo when you tap on the photo. Preorders for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus start September 12th and available store wide on September 25th.  Apple is going to maintain its current pricing as the iPhone 6 for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at $199 to $399 for the 6S and $299 to $499 for the 6S Plus while on a two-year contract. Apple also introduced two new payment options. Customers can either pay for the 6S in installments of $27 per month or lease an iPhone for $32 per month.

Well kids that wraps up what seemed to be a long and agonizing live stream press release of Apple’s new products. I learned allot about the new Apple products however I would like a refund on the 2 and half hours I spent watching it. Just saying…