Create your own Nintendo themed B-day with Nintendo's help!

Mario and Yoshi THIS IS AWESOME! If I was still a kid I would be nagging my parents for a Nintendo themed birthday party. My good pals at Nintendo just sent me the below press release on how Nintendo can help customize and plan your Nintendo Birthday Party of your dreams! On you can create invitations, learn how to make a Warp Pipe Centerpiece, create fun Mario Party 10 and Mario Kart 8 posters, "how to's" on creating Nintendo themed snacks, and Nintendo games to play at your party. One of them I am excited to announce here and can't wait till it comes out is Super Mario Maker which is to be released on September 11th. I played this at E3 and LOVED it, anyone at any level of gaming can play and have fun. 

To view the full press release from Nintendo scroll below and have a Happy Nintendo Birthday!

Mario’s birthday and the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. both fall within September (on the 13th, to be exact). The team at the house of Mario has put much thought into what the perfect birthday would look like, and to ensure that every celebrating parent’s next bash is fun and stress-free, below is a helpful party checklist to share with your readers. After all, what better way to celebrate another year around the sun than with Mario and a Nintendo-themed birthday party!


  • Create a custom Mario Party 10 or Mario Kart 8 invitation for party goers by going to the website here and here.


  • Head to the website here to learn how to create a warp pipe centerpiece. Guests will certainly be delighted to see this Mushroom Kingdom decorative piece.
  • By visiting the website and using the handy online tool, parents can create fun Mario Party 10 and Mario Kart 8 posters to hang up during the party. The posters could also be used as backdrops for a party photo booth.


  • Make the perfect Mario Kart 8 Koopa Shell cake pops to put in gift bags by watching this special Nerdy Nummies YouTube video. The delightful pops will certainly be a hit among guests.[embed][/embed]
  • Yummy Mushroom Kingdom deviled eggs are easy and fun to make. Check out the tutorial here. Hungry guests will have a blast devouring the treats.

Games: A Nintendo-themed party isn’t complete without some fun video game action.

  • Available on the 11th of September, Super Mario Maker allows kids to play a near-limitless number of Super Mario Bros. Party goers will have fun creating special levels to share online or with the birthday boy or girl.
  • Available now for the Wii U system, Mario Party 10 is the perfect game for a bash! In the first installment on Nintendo’s newest console, Bowser crashes the party. Kids will have fun playing as Bowser himself to face off against four other party attendees playing as Mario and friends.
  • Wii U was made to kart! In Mario Kart 8, kids will have a blast using the different controller combinations to compete with other partygoers on the big screen. By going to the website here, you can download/set up brackets and design award cards for winners!

And for the chance to be featured on Nintendo’s Twitter account, Nintendo encourages parents to take photos of their kid’s Mario-themed birthday party with the hashtag #NintendoBirthdays.