Back to School 2015

The first day of school is always the best for us girls. I know my BFF and I would spend hours getting ready in our flyiest outfits (yeah I said flyiest). SamsungUs girls walking into school feeling so sharp till we realized we had to do homework. Here are some products and sites to make you fly:

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime because it’s loaded with key smartphone features and priced to be attractive to first-time smartphone owners or parents looking for a smartphone to add to a family plan for their children.*

I just received the myCharge product and though I haven’t yet tested it out yet but I’m in love with its logo. I’m constantly annoyed with the excuse “Oh my battery died.” Really did it or is it a lame excuse? I'm certain with this product that excuse can be avoided. *mycharge

BackpackFrankly I don’t use backpacks (I’m purse girl) till I got the OGIO Cinnamon Hudson which its main compartment can fit most 15 inch laptops, while the front organizer panel will keep everything in its place. I love the functionality, color, and the “whoa” what’s that factor?! Gotta stay fly!Pulse

To be honest I didn’t think I needed the TCL Pulse and found it rather annoying till I realized I would sleep through my iPhone alarms. Apparently just place the pulse in your pillow case, set the alarm using the app, and enjoy your sleep. I sound like an old persPebbleon but I like to nap so this product is useful for those who want their quick beauty sleep.

The ECO Pebble has been the best product I have yet received to review! A Bluetooth, wireless, waterproof, floating, and speaker SAY WHAT?! This product is great and the sound is amazing!*

My favorite store though I hate going there because the lines are always long is H&M. They have a great back to school line. I suggest ordering online to de-stress the stress of back to school.

Now a days with bullying technology can help you to defend yourself and also self-awareness. I found a site and App cBully Appalled I recently got the app and I find it very intuitive for students and adults.

For my guide of self-awareness and defense you can see my post by clicking here.

Though I’m late to post the tax free weekend below is a list of site with tax free shopping information for all you cutegeeks back to schoolers that is not just one weekend depending on state!

So here's your head start for BACK TO SCHOOL!! HAVE FUN KIDDOS!


*I will be doing full product reviews of these products, the Pebble  and  Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime  are my favorite so far...
**Credit to NY Times for the myCharge image