Google Fiber is NOW in Austin!

Google Fiber 1stLike the tech geek I am I found out my neighborhood in Austin was getting Google Fiber. Per its site Google Fiber starts with a connection that's up to 1,000 megabits per second, instant downloads, TV like no other…and endless possibilities. Considering I curse Time Warner at least once a day with random errors I got Google Fiber.

I registered for it during ACL 2014 to be one of the first people in Austin to get Google Fiber. I was not sure what the experience would be since it’s so new but I was excited to try it out.Google Fiber

At the beginning of April I got Google Fiber installed and I have to say the ascetics of the Google Fiber box installed could be a little sleeker. I know this is the first round of Google Fiber but it’s an eye sore and they didn’t even line it up with my other plugs in the wall next to it. I stare at it daily and starting to consider a new furniture piece because it’s driving me nuts (that’s what sucks about working from home).

Though it has been installed; I won’t know and it won’t work till mid-summer or early fall. Per their site “We can’t bring Fiber to everyone in Austin at once – so we’re building in phases, starting with South and Southeast Austin. More areas will be opening in the coming months.”

To locate where if your neighborhood will become a “Fiberhood” you can find it here.