SXSW 2015 Music Recap

11081419_10152891791107655_247616705761933161_nI know this is latephoto (8) (been under the weather) but better late than never! The SXSW music portion has always been my passion and this year was amazing for those with the free Guest Pass wristband! I’ll start with my favorite SXSW event with Spoon at Auditorium Shores (walking distance from the condo). It was a fantastic show with Spoon; not only did they have an amazing show they had an epic fireworks show in true Texas style. [embed][/embed]

I was so pumped after the Spoon show I went to handle bar and heard a band called Richie Allen and the Bad Ideas. I loved the diversity of instruments and the music was (5)

The next day I went to the Spin Event at Stubbs and Comedy Central’s Keg and Egg event in the rain. Though the Spin event seemed cool, not only were the lines long, I didn’t know any of the bands and in the end the weather made me book over to Comedy Central’s Kegs and 2 (2)

Comedy Central’s Kegs and Eggs event was definitely promoting Justin Bieber’s Roast however they also  featured several fan stations celebrating Comedy Central franchises including a “Drunk History” dunk tank, a GIF photo booth featuring fan favorite shows, “Workaholics,” “Broad City,” “Key & Peele,” “Inside Amphoto (7)y Schumer,” and a special “Justin Bieber’s Roast” photo opp. Attendees will also have a chance to win sweet CC swag while celebrating the upcoming premiere of the new series, “Big Time in Hollywood, Florida”.*

My favorite of Comedy Central’s Kegs and Eggs and not because I’m a Bieber fan (I’m too old to be) was the Bieber Roastphoto 1 photo opp. I think people on twitter thought this picture was real and he was really there in my pics but nope.  Jokes on you!

The next day (still in the rain) I went to IFC Fairgrounds to check out this band HOLYCHILD, to do eight seconds of glory on a mechanical bull, striking a pose in the Airstream photo trailer by Icebreakers, and to barrel down a three-story fun slide. I had a BLAST!


LastlyGinxpic I went to the “RapLegends” event at the Chicago House for the launch of a new app called *Ginx, founded by my friend  former NFL Star Gerome Sapp.

How does Ginx work? First you need to get the Ginx app via Apple or Google Play. After setting up your preferences start adding an asterisk in front of your hashtag in Instagram, you will instantly connect into a visual community within the *Ginx app. I used it throughout SXSW and found it be handy considering how many people are tweeting with hash tags during the (9)

In closing  every event I make random people do Monster face and during SXSW I think I got some of the best ones yet.  It's amazing how many people agree to do the monster face and it makes from some great photo's and great convo's.

Though the rain tried to take use down; like Texans we fought through! See you all next year!



*per SXSW site