CCFA & Gi Montitor App - Almost 35 & Alive!

upsidedown take step WalkThis year in July I turn 35, a date that scared me after I got diagnosed with Pan Ulcerative Colitis in 2010. Before I got diagnosed I was frail, 30 lbs less then I am now, and due to malnutrition I was rushed to the ER because I was on the verge of having a heart attack (at 30). When I got formally diagnosed by my gastroenterologist he said something that terrified me: (BTW Doc, is it mandatory to say worst case scenarios?)

"By the age of 35 you will more than likely have colon cancer."

Take Steps 4When the news was given the look on my mom's and Marco's face broke my heart. My mom has Crohn's and now her daughter has the sister disease. For years I was scared until last year when they removed polyps and my gastro said that though once severe your case is now very mild, Congratulations!

I'm excited to say "I'm almost 35 and alive!"

  • I'm an active member of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation ( and Team Nincompoops has not 10362032_10152215422609125_109556575_oonly raised money to find an answer to these IBD's but one of the most humorous teams (no shocker there). I'm blessed that I have had so many friends and famCrohns3ily to do the Take Steps Walk and this year I hope to have an epic team to walk with me and raise awareness. Though supplied great information I wanted more besides the Take Steps app and something that can track my daily activity. As most of you know with Crohn's or Colitis our check ups you are in charge of tracking your health but also when you have an attack. I found an AWESOME app called GI Monitor which tracks:
  • BMs (I know gross but hey we all do it) this allows you to not only track your BM's but also it asks if it disturbed your sleep and pain level
  • Stress Level Barometer
  • Pain Level BarometerCrohns2
  • Meals
    • Not only is it a food log (which helps us figure out what trigger foods cause an attack); it has a barometer on how you think your next meal will effect you.
  • Weight (apparently I lost 3lbs and wouldn't have known it unless I had this app)
  • Custom Symptoms
  • Questions for the Doc
  • Photo Therapy
  • Daily logs

CrohnsWhen I registered I was asked a series of questions so they knew what type of IBD I have along with weight, height, age, and year diagnosed.  I find this app to be very useful for those with Crohn's and Colitis plus gives you insight on what foods trigger your attack. If your struggling with an IBD or just diagnosed check out and download the GI monitor app- I promise this will help you through being diagnosed or battling with it for years, it has definitely helped me (remember you are not alone). Team Nincompoops will be walking in Austin this year at The Quarries on May 2nd at 5pm. As usual we will have my team shirts and brunch beforehand. Walk with me, raise awareness, support those that battle these diseases, and also it would be pretty lame for me to walk alone:-). My team page is here if you want to donate, if you want to walk with the Nincompoops send me an email! My goal is and has always been to educate people about IBD, though there isn't a cure yet I'm certain in my life time there will be.