SxSWI can't believe almost a year ago I relocated to Austin and within a week had a day job DT and was covering SXSW for cutegeek. I have completed my press application for the interactive portion (March 13-17th) and hopefully they will also let me in for gaming as well. If I don't get my press pass I will get the guest pass and wing it- why not I live within walking distance from most places?!

This year I am excited to attend as an Austinite; I've definitely learned a thing or two since last year:-). For those attending SXSW and out of towners here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  1. People in Austin for the most part aren't the best drivers; combine that with out of towners and downtown is a nightmare. Trying to find parking is worse. I suggest doing Taxi or public transportation
  2. The petty cabs do not go past Congress and Riverside...I learned this the hard way however I was happy to see Homeslice still open after that up hill hike
  3. Doing meet ups or events with clients outside the SXSW DT area will be your best bet when looking for a venue (SoCO/SoLa)
  4. Eat before- lines are ridiculous
  5. The weather always changes here- layers and maybe even an umbrella!

Follow me @nrpena for up to minute updates or those wanting to set up meetings with me while at SXSW please fill out this contact form.

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