Press Release: X PlusOne: World’s fastest quadcopter aerial camera drone

I have to be honest I am infatuated with Drones! When I was at ACL there was a fierce amount of them in the sky and I was jealous I wasn't the owner of one of them...That being said introducing the X PlusOne: World’s fastest quadcopter aerial camera drone...I want one!


X PlusOne: World’s fastest quadcopter aerial camera drone

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The X PlusOne is a revolutionary hybrid drone that combines the ability for both stabilized hover and remarkably fast forward flight.

Key Features

• A speed demon: Need to follow a fast subject or want some super-cool flybys? The patent-pending design of the X PlusOne has you covered by its ultra-fast cruise mode with speeds over 60 mph (100 kph).

• The hover ship: A stable quadcopter when you need it for tight takeoffs and landings or when shooting stills. • Easy to fly: Stabilized in both hover and cruise modes. Auto recovery switch ensures that if you get in trouble, one flip of a switch will put the craft into auto-level hover. • Expandable for the pro: If you're already an expert, disable stabilization for amazing aerobatics, unlike anything you've ever experienced with an RC aircraft. • Ultimate GoPro accessory: With multiple options for mounting GoPro action cameras, your inner aerial cinematographer will never be in want with the X PlusOne. • Stable camera platform: Optimized control algorithms and an optional 2-axis brushless camera gimbal mean you get rock-solid, silky-smooth aerial video and stills. • Ready to fly - and film: Ready To Fly and Film packages give you everything you need to keep up with the action. All Ready To Fly packages include the assembled X PlusOne, motors and electronics, 2.4 GHz transmitters, battery, and charger. The Ready To Film packages also throw in a micro DV or GoPro Hero camera! • Safe: The X PlusOne is rich in safety features including Safe-Arm and Auto-Recovery. Specifications • Dimensions: 32.5 x 19 x 14 inches • Flying weight: 2.8 lbs • Patent-pending hybrid quadcopter flying wing design • Speed range: hover - 60 mph (100 kph) • Flight time: 10-15 minutes • Breaks down for easy transportation • Optional 2-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro • Optional fixed GoPro mount • Optional fixed micro DV camera • Optional GoPro Hero HD action camera

The X PlusOne feels right at home hovering with the multi-rotors or skimming the treetops at blistering speeds! Currently available on Kickstarter, early backers will be able to pre-order a DIY Kit for $199 or ready to fly X-PlusOne for $479.

xCraft, recently out of stealth, has designed an entirely new UAV airframe built to support the variable needs for drone buyers. Combining both VTOL design aspects and fast, efficient forward flight, the xCraft X PlusOne is a drone in the market that is unique. More information about xCraft can be found at