Black Friday- Are you ready?

bLACK FRIDAYIt’s that time again when you celebrate Thanksgiving, stuff your face with Turkey and on Black Friday go shopping. Black Friday seem to be the only time where it’s appropriate to act like the Tasmanian Devil pushing anyone out of your path to get that special gift. In my teens I worked retail and I literally saw two grown ladies fighting over the last tree skirt. Back in the day I don’t recall any store being open besides gas stations. Each year it’s becoming a trend to shop on Thanksgiving Day. For those brave enough to go to the mall or major retailers below are links of companies that are offering Pre-Black Friday (Thanksgiving Day) and Black Friday sales including hours of operation:

  1. Pre-Black Friday retailers:
  2. Best Black Friday deals:
  3. Black Friday coupons:
  4. Stores Opening on Thanksgiving Day & Store Hours:
  5. Store hours on Black Friday:

I also had a few emails of tech products on sale on Black Friday:

  1. Samsung Deals:
  2. Misfit Shine Promotion:Shine
  • NOVEMBER 28th – DECEMBER 1st
  • 50% off Flash online, Target, Walmart, Best Buy
  • $79.99 Shine (MSRP $99.99) – online, Target, Walmart, Best Buy
  1. Sprint Deals: Black Friday offers include:
  • $200 device savings on Samsung Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 5 Sport;
  • Pricing plans offering the best value in wireless for families who want shared data;
  • Accessory deals including up to $300 savings on Harman Kardon Onyx Studio
  1. Android app for izone
  • Will be available soon in the Google Play Store.
  • Additionally, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Android users will be able to pick up any izon camera at buy one get one free
  • Speaker, Smart Light & Sleep/Wake-up Device
  • Black Friday Price of Only $99 ($50 Off) for Diamond + from November 18 – December 31, 2014


Good Luck Cutegeek fans! May the force be with you when you battle through the crowds of Black Friday. Don’t forget next Monday is Cyber Monday!