Review: Misfit Shine

ShineOver the summer Misfit sent me the new Coca Cola inspired Shine activity and sleep monitor in red with a white sports band and Classic Tee with the Flash Pocket located on the sleeve…unfortunately they shipped it to my old address in San Francisco instead of my place in Austin. Fortunately I went back home to SF in August for a quick visit and picked up the new Shine to test out. The Shine measures steps, calories burned, distance and sleep quality and duration by using the Misfit app which is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows phones and tablets. For those who have never seen the Shine it’s an Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum disc (about the size of a quarter) that attaches to you via magnetic clasp, watch band (comes in leather, plastic and mesh), Misfit Classic Tee, Misfit socks or necklace. The shine does comes with the clasp and sport band however you can upgrade to other accessories when you purchase it online.10667819_10152452576444125_1838238182_o

Unboxing the Shine is a bit of a geek experience; it comes in a nice box that has a magnet to keep the Shine stationary. After I placed the battery into the Shine I immediately synced it to my iPhone. Since I have one Shine already I was concerned that my iPhone would be confused by the two different Shines. To my amazement the Misfit app allows you to have more than 1 Shine (which is important since they come in different colors and for this fashionista I want my Shine to match my outfit).

After syncing I went into settings to personalize my Shine and set my goals. Immediately I realized the previous Shine I had did not have some of the same features. One new feature is the sleep monitor; I’m nocturnal so I was curious to see what it would read when I woke up the next AM. The sleep photo (2)monitor calculates the amount of “restful” sleep depending on your personal settings. I admit I was a sceptic at first till I woke up the next AM with my sleep results- it was dead on.

Another cool feature with the app is taking pictures of each meal you have so you can track what you have eaten in a day. The Shine also has the Lose it!, Runkeeper, Walgreens, and IFTTT (Misfit Channel) apps.

Though the market is flooded with new fitness devices I have been of a fan of the Shine since I received my first one at SXSW when I met the Misfit team. I love that it doesn’t look like a fitness band and more like a fashion piece. It has always been a conversation starter once someone sees it light up (though it gets annoying when people come tapping on it just to see the Shine lights- one time is ok several times from the same person warrants laser beams shooting out of my eyes).

The Shine activity and sleep monitor is available online at the Misfit site or at Target for $99.00.