Gift Guide: Time to Shop for your Dorm Room!

ILogitech-Wireless-Mouse-M325_1t's that time of year where high school seniors graduated and are becoming college freshman to join the dorm room life. I have some great graduation gifts and dorm room ideas for all the recent grads! G-O-A-L! It's the World Cup and Logitech came out with some great themed mice. The Global Fan Collection adds bold, graphic designs inspired by the flags of 13 nations. I personally have never used any other mice besides Logitiech. Their mice, in my opinion, are one of the best in market, reliable and they are perfect for the fanatical World Cup fan!harmoney-smart-keyboard They are priced at $29.99 and you can purchase them here! USA! USA! USA!

Logitech has a great wireless keyboard with a touchpad called the Harmony Smart Keyboard.  The Harmony has one-touch Activity-based control (up to 6), controls up to 8 devices, integrated touchpad for navigation on PC, Mac, and PS3 and can be used to navigate PC, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, TiVo, Xbox, and PS3. I tried this product out and immediately thought how useful this would have been in the dorms back in my college days. It currently goes for 149.99 on the Logitech website. I will do a product review of my set-up experience and unboxing on my page in the near future.

6_pp-pop-layout1_SHOPQuirky came out with some awesome products to organize your dorm room. One of my favorites is the Pivot Power Genius- the smart flexible power strip. Pivot Power Genius is an app-enabled version  and like the original, it bends to fit every sized plug or adapter. This one allows you to independently control two outlets from your mobile device. It goes for $59.99 on there site.  OR if you want to add some color to your dorm room Quirky also has a less expensive version called the Pivot Power Pop that comes in 5 all-new colors: blue, pink, green, white, and black for only $19.99 (sans the app capability).

Quiky PowerCurlIf your are a neat freak and messy cords drive you nuts try out the PowerCurl mini and the Metal Cordies Cable Management by Quirky. The PowerCurl mini that is only $4.99 and perfect for Apple’s 5W USB Power Adapter. Simply slide your adapter into the center and wrap your USB cord around it. Flip down the silicone cover to keep those cords in place. The Metal Cordies Cable Management keeps unruly cables and wires organized and weighted down on your desk, preventing disconnection. It includes five rubber grips with four slots to take care of all those loose ends and it goes for just $9.99. These are perfect to organize your dorm room desk!

MANTIS-04Quirky also sent me the Mantis to review which is a multi-position LED task light for your keyboard, bookshelf, desk or any other place you need extra bright lighting...and when I say extra bright it actually almost blinded me when I first tried it out. You can either clip the Mantis onto your laptop screen or use the free standing legs. If you need to cram and pull some all nighters this is the idealbike product priced at $19.99.

Most freshman choose to commute via bike than trying to find a parking space on campus. I recently got the TiGRA BikeCONSULE Bike Mount for your iPhone 5s.  It's waterproof (submersible), camera ready, though it's a case in case design you can still use your touch, and has a double lock so you don't loose your phone racing to make it to class on time (not like I ever had that problem:-)). It was pretty easy to set up on  my bike and I am looking forward to taking it out on an epic bike ride. It's priced at $59.99 and you can purchase it on their site.

Congratulations class of 2014 and good luck next fall! May this help you set up your new digs on campus!