take steps 2It's been a while since I did a post. Each year I do the take steps walk for CCFA, it's a leisurely walk and children are encouraged to go. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness and find a cure for our disease. I had a colon cancer scare due to my Pan UC.  BUT I'M BACK! Fully recovered! Many people are not educated on this disease; I've been asked to be a mentor for 5 years with UC/ Crohn's/ or abuse victims. The one question I get all time is "Nina am I going to die?"

In my fundraising initiative, I tried to create t-shirts for the walk on 5.17.2014.  is a crowd funding platform for t-shirts that allows you to create and upload your own image for each campaign. Designing our shirts for team Nincompoops was easy (using my own logo) and had more color options then other sites.  Also if you plan to donate but not digging the men's t-shirt you can purchase ladies fit shirts.

Using Booster increases the amount you are donating (not the price of the shirt) to any cause you are apart of and also tracks your fundraising progress. Definitely check it out.