Review: Moto X w/ Ebony Finish

Moto XI'm an iPhone girl but saw the new Moto X with the Ebony wood grain finish and asked my friends at Motorola to send me one to test out. I haven't had an Andriod phone but use google apps frequently.  I was curious to see how easily I could switch from the  iOS mindset to Andriod using the Moto X. When I unboxed the Moto X it was beautiful with a sleek wood finish and ready to go without charging it. The interface was simple I quickly added Moto Screen Shotmy facebook, twitter and g-mail accounts. One thing I was not familiar with was the screen alert icons while locked that just informed you of a new message on twitter, facebook or email. They were non-disruptive and only showed the icons when a new message or notification came in while on a locked screen.

Since one of the advertised features is that it responds to your voice with no touching necessary I put the Moto X to the test and asked it a load of questions. Since I am a Siri junkie I was curious to see if it was better. I asked the same question to both devices "Please find me a French restaurant in 78701." The Moto X came up with a list quickly while Siri responded with (and I wish I was joking) " Sorry I couldn't find any French restaurants in inseminate." (Gross Siri just gross!)

Moto X picI use my iPhone or DSLR to take allot of photos so I had to put the Moto X to the test and took it with me on my walk to the Golden Gate bridge. I didn't see much of a difference from my iPhone only that it was easier to take a picture.  The Moto X features easy camera usability by just twisting your wrist twice to enable the camera instantly. The back camera has burst mode, auto HDR, panorama and tap to focus features while the Front has 2MP 1080p HD video. I would also like to note the battery life on the Moto X out powers my iPhone. I have to charge my iPhone Nina and Motodaily but the Moto X I could go two days without charging,

The Moto X comes in several colors but for the wood grain look there are 4 options, Ebony, Teak, Bamboo and Walnut. You can design your own Moto X with wood finish on the Motorola Moto Maker site for retail of $354.99 or  with a 2 year contract at AT&T for $79.99. One cool tid bit I learned while reviewing this product, it is the only smartphone assembled in the US!

Besides these features it operates just like every other Andriod on the market with goggle. If your wanting to stray away from the iOS and looking for a cool Android smart phone the Moto X with the wood grain finishes are the way to go. It's sleek, sexy and classy; believe me it will catch people's eyes when you are using it (I got allot of attention particularly by men who liked the wood grain finish).