Review: Zackees Gloves- The Wearable Turn Signals

Z6In my search of finding functional wearable technology that is also fashionable I came across a company called Zackees. I first heard about Zackees Gloves in December through the Kickstarter Campaign. Zackees are a technologically advanced pair of cycling gloves that has controllable LED light turn signals on the backside of your hand. I met up with Zach, former engineer from Google and the creater of the gloves to test out a pair (who BTW showed up on an electric skateboard).z7 When I tried on the Zackees gloves they were very comfortable and the design was simple unlike some of the gaudy LED fashions on the market. I'm going to be honest, I am not the most skilled biker. I can bike around a park or neighborhood but not on the fierce streets of San Francisco. If I did ride a bike in the city my gloves shouldn't have turn signals but signals of caution. However, I have several friends who bike and half of them have been either hit by a car or crashed from being in a cars blind spot. For those friends and city commuters these gloves should be must haves.

ZAckesSince I am not a skilled bike rider I went to Huckleberry bicycles on Market to ask a true biker what he thought of the gloves design and LED lights.  I had Graham from the store test them out on a bike doing the normal turn signals. One thing we found out and not sure if this was part of the design but the lights worked through the handles bars. Graham had his pro's and con's; he said it was an awesome idea but the price point was a bit high at $75.00 a pair.  That said I believe since this is new technology and new to the market the price to makes sense.Nina Zackes

The Zackees are machine washable and support two types of batteries, rechargeable and disposable plus comes with a USB battery charger.  As of now they only come in white however I hear rumors of a pink pair in the works.

For bike commuters especially those who commute at night Zackees are perfect and almost necessity for riding in San Francisco proper.  If you want to be a show off and be the first of your bike crew to sport these gloves you can purchase them at