5th annual Samasource Give Work Gala

SamasourceOn November 1st I attended the 5th Annual Samasource Give Work Gala: From Kenya to California at the Regency Ballroom of San Francisco.  Samasource is a non-profit and as most of your know I work with non-profits regularly but the difference with Samasource is they use technology to help women globally find dignified work. “Sama” means equal. Samasource is a non-profit social business that connects women and youth living in poverty to dignified work through the Internet.  The company was started by Leila Janah in 2008 and is an award winning 501(c)(3) non-profit with support from individual donors and philanthropic organizations. Currently there are 4 billion people worldwide making less than $3.00 a day.*2012-10-31 18.16.43

Samasource uses the Microwork™ model that harnesses the untapped potential of the world’s poor using technology to find dignified work. Since inventing the Microwork™ model in 2008, Samasource has continued to develop innovative technologies to perform data and content services at the highest-quality for their clients. The Microwork™ model fits within the overall field of Impact Sourcing, which aims to create jobs for individuals with limited opportunity in rural or economically depressed communities.*

The work that Samasource does enables people to gain skills, earn a living wage and break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. To date, more than $2.5 million has been paid to over 3,000 workers across nine countries.*

2012-10-31 18.50.44During the reception of the Samasource Gala they had Soji &the Afrobeat band do a drum performance as a special treat. They were amazing and had great energy. After that we continued to the ball room where CEO/Founder Leila Janah welcomed all guest and gave us statistics of those under paid while they are just as smart if not more smart then those in rural America. These people deserve the opportunities we have and shouldn’t be penalized for being born in a poor country.

After the keynote each table had a competition on statistics based on job and economy in 3rd world countries or countries struggling with poverty using the Samasource Microwork model, my table made 5th place.

After dinner Samasource gave one of the Impact award to The California Endowment, which provided the grant funding to establish the SamaUSA program in the U.S. Based on theSamasource success of Samasource's overseas work. Other companies that received the Impact award are Google “for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Uganda”, Walmart “for wisely plotting ecommerce into the Microwork map”,gettyimages “for consistently steering work to others in need”, and 360incentives.com “for charting new courses in Haiti”.*

Next was the auction which included a America’s Cup sailing experience with Oracle, Dinner by Michael Mina, a night to remember at the New Yankee Stadium. At the end of the auction and the event Samasource raised $588,050.00. Here is a youtube of the Auction.

What’s a Gala without a live band? In closing Samasource had the California Honeydrops perform with DJ Subwoofr for guest to dance the remainder of the night away!Samasource

I loved attending the event because it not only taught me of the global poverty and how Samasource has aided several countries but also how they used technology to accomplish it.

If you would like to donate, get involved or learn more please visit their site here.

*Statistics, information and quotes from samasource.org- 11/6/2013