Review: Momentage App: Photo, Video and SoundImages Sharing on Social Media

Momentage Momentage is a free new app combining photos, videos and SoundImages for users to create, edit, and share an existing moment through a single or series of photos and videos on different social media networks.

Crafting a moment is pretty easy as soon as you download the app from iTunes. Users can select and edit photos and videos, or they can shoot photos and record up to 20 seconds of video. SoundImages can then be recorded and integrated into your photo or video with 30 seconds of audio. Users can then rearrange content by dragging and dropping the photos and videos after selection to create their moment. The user now has the ability to post their moment on their favorite social media network.  Through Momentage you also have the ability to interact with followers and also build communities.

I went to the Momentage launch event at 620 Jones here in SF to meet up with Momentage 2Gil Padia, the CMO of Momentage. Gil had a few minutes to speak with me and give me a demo on his iPhone of Momentage experience. Gil started with showing me how to create a moment using of the drag and drop feature along with several different functions of the app. At the end of the brief meeting Gil stated, "We're excited about Momentage, as we've built a community for the new creatives. They can share a series of photos, videos, and SoundImages to tell a story in one moment." Gil Padilla CMO of Momentage.

My family lives in Texas and I live here and miss out and all the huge parties. I will be asking all of them to download momentage so I don’t miss out on those funny moments at the big fiestas in San Antonio.