Review: Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

nina w kinivo btWireless speakers are all the rage right now; I get many requests to review different brands. I had the opportunity to review the Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. When unboxing I liked the clean sleek atheistic look plus its design is more stationary. What I mean by stationary is many portable wireless speakers are not meant for domestic use but more for people on the go and when placed on a surface they may move around due to bass differentiations. My only problem with the beats pill is that it seems only to be designed for portable social like settings (hence the vibrant colors); versus those who need a wireless speaker experience that you can have on your night stand, desk, living room or in the kitchen.

I want a classy wireless speaker device that blends in with your home decor while also delivering good sound quality that I can take room to room. The rectangular shape of the Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker adds stability to this mini subwoofer along with great sound quality.

The Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth speaker seamlessly streams music from bluetooth-capable smartphones, tablets, and computers. When I unboxed the Kinivo BTX350 following the instructions I took the plastic tab off the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery so I could power it on. On the top of the speaker it neatly has power, source, volume, bass mode and paring buttons. Kinivo bluetooth battery

After powering the Kinivo BTX350 on I had to do the ever long pairing party. There are several different blinks that indicate when the device is pairing, when it locates the device and finally when it is paired there is a solid blue light.

Excited I paired the Kinivo BTX350 to my iPhone; it only a matter of minutes before I started testing its capabilities. I found that the bass button made my user experience more fun on lower volumes but on higher volumes I had the turn off the bass.

What I like about the Kinivo BTX350 is that it’s not only portable and bluetooth but it has a classy speaker front exterior. It’s a design you can incorporate throughout your home or office without the fancy colors (or bringing attention) while using your smartphone, tablet or notebook to play music.

Though this isn’t a product I would take to Dolores Park it’s a product I would proudly have it on my nightstand, kitchen or living room. It’s on sale currently on their site for $39.99. Definitely check it out.