Canon PIXMA Pro Printer with Tyler Florence

Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses San FranciscoWhen I think of Canon I never really think about printers; immediately I think cameras. Sometimes we forget that pairing the same brand of technology together makes for a much better user experience. I have always had Canon cameras and my newest Canon addition is my Canon EOS 30D DSLR (gently used). On October 8th, I was invited to the Canon PIXMA Pro Printer event hosted by Tyler Florence, world renowned chef and photographer (though he humbly says he is not a professional photographer). Tyler and Canon created a pop-up gallery that brought the California wine country to the city through the power of the Canon PIXMA PRO printers. The event brought your senses of Touch, Taste, Smell, See, and Hear through photography with Canon cameras and the Canon Pro Printer.2012-10-07 19.24.37

We went through separate rooms experiencing each sense. Understanding what each photographer imagined through the senses. My personal favorite sense experience during the Canon PIXMA Pro Printer event was where we tasted the different varietals of grapes to compliment the corresponding photos that Tyler Florence, Robyn Lehr and Erin Kunkel had taken.

I had the great opportunity to have a 1x1 meeting with Tyler. I first just want to say what a genuinely nice guy he is. Immediately he ordered me appetizers and a glass of wine from his winery…Laughing I told him I was a bit overwhelmed on how kind and hospitable he was.

2012-10-07 20.29.17Though Tyler is known as a chef, he is also a great photographer of food.  I was intrigued to know how he started doing his own cook book’s photography; what made him pick up the camera? What made him choose Canon as his brand of choice? Like an onion there are several layers of why Tyler started photography and the partnership with Canon, a few we touched base on.

Tyler and I discussed how we are in the days of social media “selfies” and digital media where sometimes the art of a true photo is lost. We spoke of how he lost all his digital photos from his daughter’s birth and how devastated it was for him and his wife since there were no tangible photos. If only he had a Canon pro printer at the time. I believe this is when Tyler began his partnership with Canon.2012-10-07 20.29.55

We then spoke of his inspiration of food photography and it goes back to the old 70’s Gourmet Chef Magazines. Remember when the old cook books and Gourmet Magazines were photos of real food and not glamorized by fake props or not doctored? Tyler uses his knowledge of cooking, passion for photography and realism to capture photographs for his cook books. Tyler will be releasing his 10th cook book and the photos of his book will be his own culinary photography using Canon products.

The best take back from this event is using photography to capture senses and memories…though we live in a digital world, tangible photos capture that moment in history. Being able to capture it and print the emotion you felt while taking that picture is what I believe Canon and Tyler wanted to express.