id America Cross Link Cable- I could be everyone’s BFF w/ this!

idamericanyEver been in one of those situations…someone didn’t bring their charger; typically this happens at business meeting. Before you know it the whole room is replying with whatever charger they have but not yours.

Imagine if you had the id America Cross Link Cable; you would be everyone’s new best friend. The Cross Link Cable has a Micro USB, 30-Pin and Lightning port with a tangle free cord. Perfect to throw in your purse or back pack.

ID America 2I have used it to power my iPhone, my chicbuds Gurl Power Bank, and on a Galaxy S4. After a week it has made through the battle that constantly goes on in my purse.

The id America Cross Link Cable comes in black, blue, green, pink, white, and yellow and priced at $17.95 on their site.   

After all we are stuck without a charger every once and a while…why not be someone’s best friend with the id America Cross Link Cable.