Audiosynq Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Mic

I have been searching for an affordable pair of bluetooth wireless earbuds with mic for about a year and audioshadn’t really found a reasonable pair. OK I admit, I developed a small problem; they make it way to easy with pay pal. I did a search on small wireless earbuds with mic and after going through all the one’s that were way out of my price range (anything over $75.00 is just too much for ear buds since I tend to break most) I found these Audiosynq earbuds for just under $29.99.

Maybe my vision is off but I was not expecting them to be as bulky and they sucked the life out of my iPhone battery for my 30 minute walk to the office…

I digress back to wired earbuds (thanks chicbudsSmile) till there are wireless/ bluetooth earbuds that fit my simple requirement…just work.