Saying Goodbye Online - RIP Vanessa Libertad Garcia

She decided her suicide note would be her last post. Vanessa Libertad Garcia decided that was the way she was going to say goodbye. I came across her site through a FB friend and while she mentioned it was a suicide note, the skeptic in me couldn't believe someone would post their note online so I clicked and my heart opened and cried. Thank you LNP for posting this.

It's definitely not something that'll lift your spirits or make your Friday night any better, instead it'll hurt because your curiosity might try to make you envision the pain she suffered, because some of the things she write about seem like common things we complain about. How much pain did this talented Latina artist have to go through before deciding enough was enough?

It is eerie to read.

I can't stress enough the importance of mental health, and how people 'scream' differently for help. Depression and other mental illnesses are hard to understand, but worth taking the time to invest in someone if you think they're suffering from it. You don't have to be sick, to want to get better, and you shouldn't wait for someone to hit rock bottom before offering an hand to help them up.

Social media 'connects' so many people together, but many never actually connect. Go out and hug someone, smile at a stranger and ask someone how they're doing, and wait for them to tell you and just listen to them. Try to make someone's day better - it easy.

A piece of my heart broke reading this. I hope this doesn't become a new trend - suicidal blog posts. Its so freaking sad and so unfortunate that no one was able to get to her in time.