Global Geekery Monday - Recap of Day 2 of Geek Week

Global Geek Week Recap with Chester See

Today was the second day of Geek Week and Youtube’s theme was Global Geekery Monday. Chester See hosted a recap of geek YouTubes videos/ channel of the day.

Don’t forget you still have time to enter Global Geek Week/YouTube video contest, videos must be submitted by Thursday!

RoverIn other Geek news one year ago today, NASA's Curiosity rover touched down on the surface of Mars. The NASA rover team sang "Happy Birthday" to the rover  by using Curiosity's Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument. It sang Happy Birthday by vibrating at different frequencies. In one year the rover has sent back over 36,700 images at their full resolutions, driven about a mile, and analyzed material from two rocks. It's also completed its primary objective determining Mars was once conducive to life. Happy Birthday Mr. Rover!

Tomorrow enjoy day three of Geek Week, Brainiac Tuesday, on YouTube hosted by Veritasium and The Spangler Effect.