Vornado Tower Circulator Fan



San Francisco had a hot spell this summer. Most everyone makes fun of me for complaining of degrees in the 80’s. Hey all you Texan’s we don’t have central AC here!! My condo was at a steady 85 for days with stagnant air flow. One day I parked myself in the Safeway freezer section; it was that hot.

For those experiencing global warming with no AC (like every condo in the bay area) may I introduce the Vornado Tower Circulator Fan…and it has a remote!

The Vornado Tower Circulator Fan turned my condo 3 degrees less from each of our rooms once utilized.

Vornado Tower Circulator Fan uses V-Flow ™ technology, a high volume of air that is circulated throughout your living space providing great air flow on those hot days. Vornado Tower Circulator Fan has four speed settings, energy-saving timer and a remote control that magnetically cradles on top of the tower. The Vornado Tower Circulator Fan 154 Mid-Size Tower Circulator 32" runs just under $100.00 and can order it online here. I love this fan and if you have the summer or heat blues definitely invest in the Vornado Tower Circulator Fan!