The Ford Experience w/ Andy Lutzky

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This year I was invited again to the Ford Go Further Event for cutegeek. Mr. Andy Lutzky from Ninandy dorkshardwaregeeks was my partner in crime and long time SF friend.Our first day we had the unique experience of going to the Ford Museum which I didn’t get to do last year. This was epic to me. I’m from Texas wozland of trucks, tractors and SUVs. We are indeed doing the robot and attempting to hi-5’ing it outside the Ford museum.

The opening presentation was the unveiling of the “Opening in Highways” artwork restored that was an advertisement first printed in 1925 with Woz.

When asked during dinner what was Ninandy Museumyour first Ford experience you can remember Andy said a mustang and I thought a tractor or the F150 truck my abuelito had…I was clearly the dinosaur at the table however those were the images embedded in my head forever.

Andy and I clearly had fun posing near some iconic Ford Cars or planes (this hanger had wicker chairs LOL).   Ninandy Mus 2 

Unfortunately I have been under the weather therefore Andy’s review of FORD for hardwaregeeks is more technical and all  I can enlighten you all with some amazing photo’s from the Ford Museum and Andy’s epic Q&A with Bill Ford.


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