Monday Monday Monday!!! FORD HERE WE COME!

Andy Nina and The WozTexas and Trucks go hand and hand; I’m from South Texas. My cousin’s name is Ford (we tried to get him to the event but he is underageSad smile) and my family has been proud Ford owners since I can remember. I will never forget my grandfather’s Ford truck and how he loved it so. Andy and I go to Ford on Monday 6/24 for cutegeek and hardwaregeeks! Andy and I have known each other for over 5 years and he was one of my first friends in San Francisco; we are like brother and sister.

I have written for cutegeek since 2009 and Andy has always been a huge supporter. To attend an event like Going Further with Ford with Andy now as a writer is exciting! Our only dilemma is neither of us have driven standard in 3 years…on race day we will be in the automatic laneSmile.  We are however technology geeks and both opinionated in different aspects vehicle technology.

When I met Andy (originally from the east coast) he had a ‘01 Ford Mustang that he maintained and drove all the way to the west coast. Andy’s car battled an SF towing experience and carried several different technology products during launch. What a great car.

Andy and I are about to have an amazing Ford experience. As the Ford experience we will keep you all updated on new Ford products, features and our time with presenter Steve Wozniak.

If you don’t know Andy…now you know! Follow him…Andy from Hardwaregeeks and I are partners in crime. We are off to a great adventure at FORD! We will be tweeting, youtubing, and fbing @nrpena,@rockatalic, @cutegeek, @hwgeeks.#ninandy @fordtrends, #fordtrends @stevewoz.

Just to remind you all below is me on race day at Ford last year 2012. Andy and I will do betterSmile.