It’s Epic

CelluonBack when I worked for the product group marketing team at Dell circa 2007 I was in a staff meeting when one of my executives informed me on this new cutting edge technology…for the record this was pre iPhone. Technology that projects a keyboard pattern onto any flat and opaque surface in a form of laser seemed far fetched at the time. Till this day I want to thank that executive for being a visionary and opening my eyes on what technology could be. Epic is the wave of the future. There has been many conversation online about if we have to learn how to re-type…Come on guys we live in a world of iPad, iPhones, and many other touch censored devices; it won’t be that difficult. Embrace it and love that we now don’t have to dust keyboards with air dusters anymore. Let’s get rid of those dusty old keyboards and get the Epic…Plus it’s an awesome name…EPIC!

Full-size QWERTY Keyboard
(also available in German QWERTZ)
  • 19mm key pitch
  • Overall keyboard size: 100mm height, 240mm width
  • Recognition rate: 350 characters per minute
  • Light source: red laser diode (IEC Class 1 Laser)