Victoria Secret’s SEMI ANNUAL SALE! Get the app!

It’s that time again! VICTORIA SECRET”S SEMI ANNUAL SALE STARTS TODAY! For those who know me know I have a small shopping problem. Since I was 15 working at Hot Dog on the Stick at the mall I have attended every year (I was buying scented lotion and make up that youngSmile).

Call me crazy but I love the ciaos of the sale! Women frantically going through the bins as if there will be no more lingerie tomorrow; it’s hilarious to watch.

Then came the internet…yeah I am that old.  The semi annual sale online was so much easier then throwing elbows or tackling someone for lingerie (the sale is that fierce).

Then the app…MIND BLOWING!

Besides the fact that you can shop on your iPhone the filter option is amazing. No more digging ladies! Now you can filter by size, style, and for bra’s padding level. There is also a barcode reader/ QR reader with the app.

I however had a blast with the Victoria Secret’s app making myself into an angel and getting my wings.

The sale ends on June 24th; may the shopping force be with youSmile!!