NINA & ANDY are going to FORD!


I am proud to introduce Andy Lutsky; our newest addition to our sister site hardwaregeeks. I met Andy 5 years ago and immediately bonded with him…we are both GEEKS!

Andy comes from a huge PR background including working for the 49’s (niners not neeners) and will be a nice addition to cutegeeks/ hardwaregeeks family.

Andy and I will be leaving SFO on 6.24.13 for the go forward with Ford event together. We will be tweeting and Fb’ing but most importantly we will be giving cutegeek/hardwaregeeks the entire scoop of our Ford adventure.

Andy and I going to FORD is better then double stuffed Oreos. Follow us on @nrpena,@rockatalic, @cutegeek, and @hwgeeks.  We promise to entertain you with our witty knowledge of technology and our fabulous humor.

Stay tuned for the hash tagsSmile.