Cutegeek is going to Ford again for the Further with Ford event

Go Further 13That’s right cutegeek fans Ford is sending me back to Detroit for the Further with Ford event. This weekend I got my travel plans and I got a bit excited. Since this is my second year I have some improvements. This year I am taking my DSLR to make sure I get cutegeek fans great photos, my pc instead of taking notes (since I type faster), several different chargers since that was an issue for my last year including my Waka Waka solar charger for race day since we are not near outlets on the track.

Like last year I will be tweeting on nrpena/cutegeek and my FB as much as possible plus taking as many video’s as I can. We all know I love tail spins on race day so stayed tuned for my big trip June 24th-June 26th.

Send me any questions you may want me to ask Ford as well!