Ooshirt startHappy Web Wednesday! For 5 years I have used Vista Print for business cards and costumed made shirts till I found ooshirts.com. My mind was blown by the customer experience. For a large quantity and low cost this website is it! Ordering personalized products online is one sided. Once your receive the confirmation it’s a waiting game to see if your graphics translated well to the product once delivered.

ooshirts has a unique option where you can consult with a graphics artist for free before you place the order. The usability on the site is also simple; designing t-shirts at a low cost is amazingnincompoops shirt. I was toying with putting a QR code on my shirt for the walk I do annually for CCFA.org. The graphics artist worked with me to configure it to a better resolution and reconfigured it to a high resolution file. I decided to go with a plain pattern for Team Nincompoops without the QR code simply because less is more for a non-profit organization and it’s economically sound.

I should be receiving Team Nincompoops shirts a week before our Take Steps Walk on 6.8.13 for CCFA.org. Given their customer service experience I am confident on their quality and looking forward to my team shirts! For any non-profit or large company event I suggest ooshirts for their customer service experience alone.